Hold’em is played in virtually all major casinos in Europe and the United States, and although the annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) is held in a variety of “categories”, it is in hold’em that the winner of the tournament gets the title of World Champion.

The Rules to Follow

Hold’em is usually played by 6-10 players at a special poker table. A round plastic disc called a “button”, which moves one player clockwise before each deal, defines the position of the “dealer”. The player sitting to the left of the dealer bets before the deal is blind, i.e. without seeing your cards, half of the base bet (small blind, small blind), and the next the full starting bet (big blind). In จีคลับ you can have the best choices.

After that, the dealer deals two cards face down to all players, starting with the small blind, and the first round of betting begins. It should be noted right away that, unlike stud poker, trading is conducted in a strictly defined clockwise order, starting with the player sitting to the left of the dealer. The exception is the first circle,in front of which two players to the left of the dealer have already made their “blind” bets, and the person sitting behind them starts trading, i.e. third from the dealer, player.

What the Players Can Do?

Each of the players in turn must, based on his two cards, make one of three possible decisions – fold (fold), i.e. fold your cards without claiming to win, repeat the previous bet (call), or increase it (raise). A player whose rate is already equal to the previous one (for example, in the first round of betting in the absence of increasing the rate, sitting in the big blind) can say “check” (check), thus confirming the desire to play and unwillingness to increase. After all bets have been placed, i.e. the raises are equalized, the remaining players checked, the rest of the players folded, which can take several rounds, three cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table, and the next round of betting begins. These three cards, called the flop, are common and belong to everyone else in the game.

The Best Trading Choices

After this round of trading,which can also take place in several circles, the next community card is dealt the turn (or sometimes the fourth street), the next round of betting, and then the fifth community card the river (river, or fifth street). After it, the last round of betting takes place, the presentation of the hole cards and the determination of the winner, who receives the entire pot (with the exception of the casino percentage, which is usually about 3%).

Limits on bets depend on the type of game (low-limit, pot-limit, no limit), but in most Moscow casinos, where they play hold’em, in a cash (non-tournament) game, the rule is “raise the bet – no more than half the pot “.


It should also be noted that it is impossible to “pass the jackpot” in hold’em – if you do not have enough chips to answer the last raise with a winning, in your opinion, card, when the words “all in” are said, the dealer divides the pot into two parts. In one of them, for which you have enough money, you participate, the rest will be divided among themselves by the remaining players. If by this moment you and your opponent are left alone, they just immediately return the “extra” bet chips from the bank.

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