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Practice – Play Roulette in Online casino, on virtual money first

If there is anything safe in this world, then that is anything that can be learned. So, to perfect yourself, take a meal at home and play roulette until you are able to estimate what numbers are most likely to come out. Once you’ve done this, it’s safe to start playing roulette at casinos.

Bet on the rows

Gambling on the rows is the same as betting on colors. If you were successful on the first try, bet again on what you won and keep your original bet. If you lose, you bet the same amount again and the winnings will cover your first loss. But if you lose the second time, either give up or double the bet amount and try again. Thus, it is enough to get lucky once. After this tour, you did not continue to double the bet, however. The risk is higher that you lose a significant amount of money. From the online casino Malaysia this is important.

Don’t get tired

Every time you have to take what you have earned, if you start with $ 10, you get to make $ 40, then you know it’s time to give up, because you’ve already earned 300% of what you invested. One of the first tricks to win at the roulette you have to learn is not really a trick, it is a necessary condition to win at online casinos licensed: Discipline! You can click here for more.

Force 0

This trick is based on a glitch in the software installed on your computer. Normally, each of the 37 numbers from the European roulette game (see here the differences between American and European roulette) has equal chances of coming out. In real-time games you have no assurance that a certain number will appear, but computer-generated roulette has algorithms that generate a specific number to instill a bit of reality into the roulette wheel. If you have decided on a certain number, it may not come out for the first 75 or 85 rounds, but it will certainly come at some point. Here are the steps for this strategy:

  • Place one dollar on both red and black, and three dollars on 0. If you are lucky and score 0 out of the first 10 attempts, you will have made $ 16. In this case, restart the game so you can do this process again. It is not excluded that 0 will not come out for the first 30-40 rounds, but between 60-70 it will appear two or three times. Thus, you have the chance to win more than $ 120 in a trusted online casino.

Put four chips of $ 1 each on 0. If the first 10 tries comes out 0 at least once, then you will have made $ 2. There is a chance of going 0 twice after 60 spins, in which case you would win more than $ 130.

It starts again and this time it puts a dollar on both red and black and places 8 chips of 1 dollar on zero. If you get 0 out of the first 10 attempts, then you will have $ 60.casino gratis

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