In general in poker, then, this is the same “coin” that was discussed in the first text of the series. The odds are roughly equal here.Remember that there are still two cards ahead and draws have strong potential.For example, in this example, a flush draw has a 45% chance of winning, while a straight draw in the second variation has only 33%.

The reason is simple, in order to make a flush you have 9 more cards, while straight draws will only cover 6. The odds of hitting your draws are based on traditional pot odds. If you calculate them correctly, then you will play at a profit. In gclub online options, the deals are there.

Big advantage: Top pair versus middle or bottom pair

The situation is outrageously simple. Your chances of success are approximately 80%. Don’t play top pair on the flop carefully. They don’t have much of a chance to improve, and the risk of being dominated is high.

Top pair versus top pair: it’s the kicker                         

Having a weak kicker is even worse than a low pair. In this case, the chance of falling under the dominance of the opponent is 83%, so the importance of the kicker cannot be exaggerated.Beware of playing top pair with a weak kicker. And the lower it is, the more often you will find yourself behind the enemy.

Set versus top pair: let’s go

There is hardly a better situation for success. On the flop, your set has a 96% chance against any opponent’s pair. In fact, this hand is impossible to beat.And after all, the higher the opponent’s top pair, the more difficult it is for him to fold his hand. Many players cling to the top pair to the last, which makes them excellent providers of your profits.

Hit a set on the flop, think you’ve almost won the hand. However, watch out for draws carefully.

Set versus flush draw or straight draw: 3: 1 in your favor

This is one of those moments when the game gets interesting. On the one hand, the flop set is 3 to 1 ahead, but the varied draws are often so good that they can turn the situation in your favor with a solid profit. But remember, the set is always ahead on the flop.

On a set flop, you are always the favorite, even on a rainbow board. And then everything can change, and even the draw options themselves.

Set vs Monster Draw (Compound Flush Straight Draw): still ahead

Despite the beauty of this monster draw, the set is still ahead. Yes. Both hands have a lot of potential in this situation and the pot odds are quite high for them. If you flopped a set, then at that point you are the favorite against any of your opponent’s other hands.

Top pair versus flush draw or straight draw

A flush draw on the turn against an overcard gives you 28% success, while the odds of winning a straight draw are even slightly less than 20%.So if the opponent makes a big bet at this moment, it would be more logical to fold the cards.In general, you always think your draw will close on the river, but often the pot odds are not good enough. In other words, the number of chips that you give for looking at the river is too large to buy back everything if you hit the draw one of the following times.

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